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Bikes on Rent in Delhi

No other city can beat the ‘Dilwalo Ki Delhi.’ This city is the heart of India, where people from different parts of the country and foreign lands come and explore it. It is famous for its hidden gems, tourist places, cafes, lit nightlife, etc. Delhi offers both old and new world charm to its explorers. No wonder this city is the melting pot of everything, but no one can deny its congested lanes and unbearable traffic. It is overwhelming for travelers to explore Delhi with its alarming traffic situation. This is the reason it is always better to ditch cars and get on a bike to take a spin around Delhi’s neighborhood.

Getting a bike on rent in Delhi with Motorcycles Rental India is the best solution for explorers to avoid getting stuck in Delhi traffic. Motorcycles Rental India is an online bike rental company that allows you to rent premium and affordable bikes at convenient prices. Whether you are looking to rent an Activa, an antique bullet, or any other super bike, we offer it all. By renting a bike with us, you can have an unimaginable and memorable experience exploring Delhi.

Bike on Rent in Delhi | Bike Rental in Delhi

Discovering or travelling in Delhi on a bike offers an unmatched experience. However, this cannot be said when it comes to car tours. Opting for the rent bike in Delhi option allows you to explore Delhi with complete freedom. You can discover the hidden gems of Purani Delhi, which is hard to do by car. Plus, with a rental bike tour, you can easily navigate the Delhi traffic. Bikes are simple to maintain as compared to cars.

What places can you explore in Delhi on a rented bike?

Delhi has so much to offer its locals and travellers that getting bikes on rent in Delhi is the best option. Here are some places that you can explore in Delhi on your two-wheelers:

Indian gate

Qutub Minar

Lotus Temple

Humayun’s Tomb

Old Delhi

Red Fort

Chandani Chowk, etc.

How can you choose the right bike to rent in Delhi?

Before you hop on any bike, you must know the right way to rent a bike in Delhi for a comfortable and fun ride. Here are some points to ponder:

Type of bike

There are many options for bike rental in Delhi. You can opt for scooters, scooties, powerful motorcycles, super bikes etc. Your bike choice will determine your overall riding experience in Delhi.


Don’t forget your budget while selecting the best bike for your journey. Keep in mind the bike fuel costs as well as the additional fee. The cost of high-end rental bikes is going to be slightly higher than that of basic bikes.

Rental time

Another factor that plays a huge role in renting a bike is rental time. You can opt for options like hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly as per your itinerary.

What are the benefits of renting a bike in Delhi?

Even the biggest cities in India, like Delhi, face congestion, traffic issues, etc. during peak hours. Due to this, two-wheelers are becoming famous among locals and travellers. Motorcycles Rental India offers bike on rent Delhi with lots of benefits, such as:

Better mileage and no hassle to maintain

Opting to bike rent in Delhi is great as per road conditions.

Bikes are fast commuters and reliable

Two-wheelers, like bikes, are apt to avoid heavy traffic.

It is easy to travel on a bike in the hustle and bustle of Delhi streets.

Less difficulty parking bikes than cars

Bikes are a more affordable option than cars.

What kinds of bikes do Motorcycles Rental Indiaoffer for rental?

The kind of bike makes a huge difference when you are travelling or exploring a city. It can add a lot to your memorable experience. Motorcycles Rental India offers basic and high-end bike rentals in Delhi. Whether you want it for one day or one month, you can simply rent your favourite bike with them to explore the entire city of Delhi.

Here are the kinds of bikes for rental by Motorcycles Rental India:

Honda Activa

350 Thunderbird

500 Classic Royal Enfield

350 Classic Royal Enfield

500 Thunderbird

Royal Enfield Himalayan

500 Standard

What are the legalities and requirements for bike rentals in Delhi?

Getting a bike rental Delhi is simple and sorted by Motorcycles Rental India. But you must follow all the legalities as well as the requirements before hitting the Delhi roads. The traffic police in Delhi are strict and ensure the safety of all on the road.

Here are some of the essential legalities and requirements that are necessary for all bike riders:

Driver’s license

Every bike rider, be it a local or international traveller, must have a valid driver’s license. For foreign travellers, it is essential to have an international driver’s license.


Your safety is in your hands. Wearing a helmet is a must for all bike riders. Plus, it is essential as per Delhi traffic rules.

Bike insurance

Motorcycles Rental India offers bike rentals with complete insurance. However, a rider must double-check bike insurance that covers any accidents or bike damages.

Why should you choose Motorcycles Rental India for bike rental in Delhi?

The ultimate way to explore and enjoy every moment is by renting a bike. Renting a bike means getting to know Delhi up close and personal. It lets you connect with the city on a deeper and more meaningful level than cars or any other mode of transportation. Motorcycles Rental India offers bike rental Delhi with complete comfort and convenience. We have a diverse range of bikes that will offer you the freedom to choose your favourite bike within your budget. Bike rentals can be opted for on an hourly, weekly, daily, or monthly basis. So, rent your favourite bike and enjoy the magic of Delhi.



When is the right time to explore Delhi?

The right time to rent bike in Delhi and explore the city is from March to June, July to September, and October to February.

Is it possible to get a bike rental for Delhi Airport?

Yes, Motorcycles Rental India offers bike rental services for Delhi Airport.

Do we get Activa for bike rental?

Yes, Motorcycles Rental India offers a Honda Activa for bike rental, along with other scooties.

Can I get a bike rental for Leh, Ladakh?

Motorcycles Rental India offers bike rentals in Delhi for Leh Ladakh.

Does renting a bike help save money?

Renting a bike is more economical than renting a car.

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